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Salary Sacrifice Arrangements

By rodliffe
on 06/09/2019

Introduction   Salary Sacrifice is an agreement which saves the employee income tax and/or employee/employer National Insurance Contributions (NI). It is an agreement between an employee and their employer. The employee agrees to exchange part of their gross salary in return for a non-cash benefit, like a pension contribution. Decreasing salary means a saving in …

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VAT and Brexit

By rodliffe
on 06/09/2019

B2B buying and selling goods to EU Buying goods from EU at the moment UK Co gives EU Co it’s VAT number Goods move from EU to UK VAT and duty free French supplier zero rates the supply UK Co does the acquisition tax in box 2 and accounts for input VAT, so no impact …

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Entrepreneurs relief (ER) quick recap

By rodliffe
on 02/06/2019

Entrepreneurs relief (ER) quick recap   Entrepreneurs’ Relief reduces the amount of Capital Gains Tax payable when you dispose of (sell) shares in all or part of your business from 20% to 10%.   There’s no limit to how many times you can claim and you can claim up to £10 million of relief during …

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