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Company History

Rodliffe Accounting was formed by two directors who were really keen on providing excellent services to small businesses, which could make them proud. This commitment to quality and exemplary service has helped them to bring their business to its present form of a holding company with six subsidiaries. This growth was part of the strategy we adopted for our target market of small businesses.

Using professional marketing initially and a network of contacts, our client numbers have been growing at a level that requires rapid and continued recruitment within the business. Our business is growing mainly thanks to referrals and word-of-mouth and this gave us the confidence to expand.

There have been significant events since the dawn of our business that we are proud of. We know these helped us to provide the level of service to which our clients have become accustomed. Indeed, we were the first accountancy practice in the UK to submit VAT returns online from our system to HMRC’s database via the Government Gateway. We also recognised that many of our clients wanted a more holistic approach to the finances of their company, so we introduced financial services to our portfolio.


Ten Interesting Facts About Rodliffe Accounting Ltd

  1. We were the first accountancy practice in the UK to submit VAT returns online from our online system to HMRC’s database via the Government Gateway.
  2. You meet us free of charge for the first meeting – at this meeting, we plan a bespoke tax strategy with you to help reduce tax and to ensure you have no nasty surprises.
  3. We were one of the first accountancy practices to adopt “cloud” accounting software (in 2006). Despite this, we put an emphasis on maintaining an excellent and close relationship with our clients. This is why we are based at the heart of the city, so we can meet them easily.
  4. We use modern, web-based software in order to provide you with the best advice on how to save tax. We also use the best in-house management system so your deadlines will never be missed.
  5. Each accountant in our team is qualified and we combine 100 years of experience altogether.
  6. We get the numbers out the way quickly leaving more time to discuss what they mean with you!
  7. Our tax planning service can save you £££’s in tax.
  8. We have developed a unique online questionnaire for you to complete so we can file your self-assessment quickly and efficiently saving you time and hassle.
  9. We have grown organically since we started in 2006 almost purely on recommendations from other clients.
  10. It is a truly family run business (the directors are second cousins).


Statement From Our Co-Founders

David Hughes

I will never forget the night Steve and I agreed to resign from our jobs and ‘go for it’. Steve actually resigned 1st which resulted in probably the most frightening evening of my life!
After having a little time to think about leaving a ‘paid job’ I also resigned and have never looked back, thankfully.

Our business is amazing and has evolved so much over the last few years. We started with just 2 people in a small little office in Monument and now have a fantastic team of 25.  Our team and clients make it a great place to be. When starting the business I had a passion to make this business better than anything I had ever worked in before, by removing employer and employee boundaries and making sure that everyone is treated with respect.

Life in our business has been the most challenging thing I could have imagined, but every day when someone thanks anyone in the team for doing a great job, I look back and know that every minute was worth it.

Thanks Steve for making the leap of faith with me and for all your help in the business, and to our great team – we simply wouldn’t be here if not for all your hard work. Finally to our clients, many of you have become friends and I cannot thank you enough for spreading the word about us.

Steve Blissett

It’s not easy starting your own business. It doesn’t matter what your profession is or which industry you are in there are a few golden rules. With the benefit of hindsight, I discuss a couple of them here.

Have a vision that you can convert into a strategy and a plan – we wanted to be the best accountants for contractors and small business. This meant we had to ensure our people, processes and technology choices were of paramount importance. We are a long way down this ever-evolving path.
Set very stretching targets, but have a business plan with realistic financials. Halve all your anticipated revenues and double all your costs, then you may get close to what you will actually achieve!! This would be my advice to all new SME’s when writing a business plan. I bought an old house in 2011. I budgeted what I thought was plenty of cash to get some much-needed repairs done. My budget had doubled and the time taken to complete the work was twice as long as I had planned. This is very often the case in business too when forecasting numbers. Your targets and aspirations, on the other hand, should be tough, demanding and should expect the very best from people.

Have trust and respect at the core of your business. At Accountants4Contractors the staff are part of a meritocracy where we try and create the environment where they can achieve their goals. They each have their own mini business dashboard for their part of the business which mirrors the very same things that David and I consider as vitally important for the company as a whole. We trust them to deliver service excellence to our clients and to manage their own performance on their mini dashboards. This is at the heart of our culture.
Have a synergistic relationship with your business partner(s) if you can. David and I are two different characters, however, the some of the parts are greater than our combined talents. This has helped me enormously since 2006.

For me personally, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a team member grow and getting feedback from a client that our service exceeded their expectations.
Then I know it’s all worth it!