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Getting Started – The Rodliffe way

You’ve hit a crossroads – you want to be your own boss but the process of setting up a new company for the first time is both complicated and frightening. There’s Companies House, HMRC and the company’s own internal structure to worry about.

We can simplify things for you, the Rodliffe way. With our company formation service, we can have you up and running in no time, based off of one form you need to complete – a single side of A4!

We offer a free initial consultation meeting and ongoing professional advice built upon ethical decision-making. This ensures that you are compliant while also providing you with the best structure, based off of tailored business strategy that gives you what you want from your new business venture.

Rodliffe Accounting = less headaches

Step 1

Smart Start sheet

A4 Sheet

It couldn’t be simpler with our new Smart Start sheet – everything we need to form your company to your specification.

Step 2

Personal Business Portal

Cloud Location

Our clients all get their own business portal, enabling easier document storage and less emails!

Step 3

Receive your certificate


Your company has been formed! Access your certificate in your business portal.

Step 4

Be your own boss

Enjoy Life - Stress Free

Make the most of your business with our accountancy package, tailored to you.

Rodliffe’s Other Services

Rodliffe Accounting is focussed on integrating the most seamless software solutions with your business, coupled with personal services provided by dedicated account managers. Get the best combination of fully qualified accountants and innovative technology.

Read on to find out more about our services, or get in touch on 020 7614 3100.

Company Administration

Do you want to pay your Accountant to add numbers into boxes?

We don’t believe that is the value proposition clients are looking for – we don’t waste your time or money doing that. We spend our time delivering core compliance and adding in structure and strategy to help you save tax.


Fed up with paper, excel, or just bookkeeping in general?

Don’t worry, it’s hardly the most exciting subject, but we still love it.

Before engaging with our services, we would review the best way for you to utilise online tools to remove manual input time for you and us (this saves you money). We then devise a plan of action to ensure that you only complete the tasks that you either want to, or that are essential for the running of your business. Thereafter, we do the rest for you, all completely outsourced and hassle free.

Bespoke Tax Strategy

When operating your business, other than making sure that it remains compliant, we help to focus on the end result – what’s in it for you.

By structuring the business and tax affairs specifically relating to your personal and corporate requirements, we can help you pay only the tax and National insurance that you need to.


Compliance is a necessity with any business that files taxes. We deliver all the compliance in a timely and efficient manner. We have a strong belief that you should understand your business and we demystify ‘tax returns and compliance’ for our clients.