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Inheritance Tax Planning

At Accountants 4 Tax planning we specialise in tax mitigation for our clients.

Our aims for you:

  • Pay only the tax you need to
  • Remove any nasty surprises
  • Put your mind at ease
  • Treat you as you, not as a number

We are a family business and understand the sensitivity of planning for your family. We offer a personal and bespoke service that places you at the heart of the decisions and solutions.

It has often been said that this is the only voluntary tax we pay in the UK and by planning ahead, knowing the best way to leave assets to your loved ones, this can save significant levels of tax.

Tax on funds above £650,000 (for a couple) are 40% of the balance, which is a considerable sum.

Please do get in contact for a free consultation to review your affairs.

Capital Gains Tax

When disposing of assets such as Stocks, shares, Property and other assets there are often Capital Gains tax liabilities to taken into consideration.

Calculating these gains is often complicated and time consuming. We offer a service that reviews your position, helping you to pay the correct level of tax if any.

We help our clients with

  • Property CGT
  • Asset CGT
  • Business Property relief and sale
  • EIS and SEIS

Please do get in contact for a free consultation.

Our Fees

Simple self-assessment charges

  • £110 + vat if we receive the details before 30th September
  • £250 + vat after 1st October
  • £350 – £500 + vat if received after 31st December

Discussing your return

  • If you require a brief discussion about your return then this is free of charge, if however, these discussions become more in-depth and detailed then we will need to charge a fee
  • If you would like to discuss the payment on account with a view to changing this based on your current level of income then the charge will be £100 + vat per hour.

Sole traders

  • accounts & standard self-assessment ( including profit and loss account for inclusion in the self-assessment) from £250 + vat if your information is provided by 30th September
  • £400 + vat after 1st October
  • from £500 + vat if received after 31st December

Additional charges

  • Property rental income and expenses £80 + vat per property
  • advice on the income and expenses to include in the property or sole trade accounts then £100 + vat per hour
  • checking all the individual transactions you have entered against your bank statements, invoices and receipts then our charge is £100 + vat per hour
  • Meeting to discuss your self-assessment is £100 + vat per hour
  • Property or sole trader accounts on an accruals basis is £100 + vat per hour

More complex returns

£100 + vat per hour on top of the simple SA charges for calculating and checking:-

  • Foreign income
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Seed EIS
  • EIS or VCT

SA further iterations

If you would like us to produce a revised tax return as you have missed some income, expenses or other tax information then the charge will be from £50 + vat for each iteration. Obviously, if the iteration is required because of a Rodliffe error then there is no charge.

Self-assessment checking service

If you would like us to check your return before you submit this yourself then our charges are:-

  • £50 + vat self-assessment simple return
  • £100 + vat self-assessment checking service in January, simple return
  • For more complex returns that contain income and expenses other than salary, dividends and bank interest our charges will be £100 + vat per hour

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