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Accountants 4 Small Business

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The meaning behind all of this…

More profit & less tax – simple!

How can we help your business?

Owners of small business in the UK are getting smarter. They demand better and slicker processes from their accountants so they can save valuable time to dedicate to growing their business. To fulfil this demand we have focused on three key areas to help SME owners:

  1. We only use the best cloud bookkeeping software – this provides the business with all the up to date management information about the financial health of the business. It’s always up to date as we link the software to your business bank account.
  1. We can help with faster and slicker payments methods such as PayPal and GoCardless so they integrate with your software. Business owners need to be paid by their customers on time wherever possible.
  1. We encourage the use of Receipt Bank. This software takes a picture of your receipts and bills and ensures they are seamlessly integrated into your bookkeeping software.

These three things alone can save you literally days every month. This time is invaluable as it frees you up to concentrate on your business.

Making Tax Digital

There’s a lot in the press about MTD and the impact it will have on SME’s. At Accountants 4 Small Business we already offer a 100% digital service. We have for years! We have helped countless SME’s who use Excel or other out of date software to transition to the digital world. HMRC are forcing the pace on this and are even looking at encouraging corporate and personal taxpayers to use apps and smartphones. MTD is here to stay!

R&D Tax Credits

Video from Grant & Tax Consultants Ltd on R&D tax credits, a scheme set up by HMRC to incentivize businesses to innovate.

If you would like to see how Accountants 4 Small Business can help your business excel, you can either contact David via email or call us using 0207 614 3100.

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