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We’ll give you back some time and help you sleep at night…

We’re a specialist accountancy practice for Contractors, Interim Managers, Consultants and Freelancers.

We start by outlining everything we’ll do to make life easier for you. We run through how best to get you started, and how our bespoke systems have been designed to make everything as quick and simple for you as possible.

At your strategy meeting, we discuss how best to maximise your income. We’ll liaise with HMRC, Companies House, and the VAT office, constantly monitoring your activity to ensure you don’t receive unexpected surprises.

Our financial strategies and bespoke tax advice will maximise your income and give you back some of your time to spend with family and friends.

We take away the stress, making it quick and easy for you to get your business finances right. Your dedicated Account Manager is a fully qualified accountant, providing that reassuring virtual “arm-around-your-shoulder” – there to support you and answer your questions.
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Our Services & Fees



Initial formation services
Company formation £70.00 £0.00
Business bank account setup and free banking
VAT and PAYE registrations
Reasons to work with us
1:1 Qualified Accountant working with you
Providing ongoing pro active advice and guidance
Ongoing management of the accounting function within the business
Full Telephone and email support
Fully integrated online accounting
Expenses reconciliation monthly
Quarterly management accounts
Face to face meetings
Bespoke tax planning strategy
Accounting services included
All accounting and company returns completed
All book keeping
Registration for Corporation tax scheme
Registration for PAYE scheme
Administration of PAYE/NI scheme
Monthly payroll service (including year end submissions)
Company annual return completion
Company secretarial work
VAT registration and advice on the best scheme
VAT returns completed online
Standard references
Wealth Management advice
IR35 guidance (non legal)
For those who want that little bit more
Meeting with the Directors of the company
Ongoing access to the Directors
Additional employee on Payroll
Registered office and mail forwarding
Pre year end tax review meeting
Additional shareholder including free revised strategy
Out of hours support
Free standard self assessment
Annual return fee
5% discount if full fee paid in annually in advance
Tax deductible monthly fee
£125.00 £185.00


Your compliant & tax efficient Umbrella alternative
  • Initial conversation to explain the difference between Umbrella and Ltd company
  • Full initial set up covering all aspects needed
  • Monthly payroll and expenses reimbursement
  • A web based accounting package
  • All accounting work and calculations
  • End of year returns to Companies House and the Inland Revenue
  • Company secretarial work
  • Quarterly returns to the Inland Revenue Quarterly returns to Customs and Excise (if registered for VAT)
  • Ongoing monitoring and compliance checks
Your tax deductible monthly fee = £95

Simple self-assessment charges

  • £110 + vat if we receive the details before 30th September
  • £250 + vat after 1st October
  • £350 – £500 + vat if received after 31st December

Discussing your return

  • If you require a brief discussion about your return then this is free of charge, if however, these discussions become more in-depth and detailed then we will need to charge a fee
  • If you would like to discuss the payment on account with a view to changing this based on your current level of income then the charge will be £100 + vat per hour.

Sole traders

  • accounts & standard self-assessment ( including profit and loss account for inclusion in the self-assessment) from £250 + vat if your information is provided by 30th September
  • £400 + vat after 1st October
  • from £500 + vat if received after 31st December

Additional charges

  • Property rental income and expenses £80 + vat per property
  • advice on the income and expenses to include in the property or sole trade accounts then £100 + vat per hour
  • checking all the individual transactions you have entered against your bank statements, invoices and receipts then our charge is £100 + vat per hour
  • Meeting to discuss your self-assessment is £100 + vat per hour
  • Property or sole trader accounts on an accruals basis is £100 + vat per hour

More complex returns

£100 + vat per hour on top of the simple SA charges for calculating and checking:-

  • Foreign income
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Seed EIS
  • EIS or VCT

SA further iterations

If you would like us to produce a revised tax return as you have missed some income, expenses or other tax information then the charge will be from £50 + vat for each iteration. Obviously, if the iteration is required because of a Rodliffe error then there is no charge.

Self-assessment checking service

If you would like us to check your return before you submit this yourself then our charges are:-

  • £50 + vat self-assessment simple return
  • £100 + vat self-assessment checking service in January, simple return
  • For more complex returns that contain income and expenses other than salary, dividends and bank interest our charges will be £100 + vat per hour